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Why do I need orthodontia?

When your teeth don’t meet properly while chewing or speaking, then you probably need braces. The reasons your teeth don’t meet correctly may include:

  • Malocclusion (a bad bite)
  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth or teeth that are spaced too far apart

What creates the need for braces?

Often the reason for crooked teeth or a bad bite is that it is inherited. However, other reasons for tooth and jaw alignment problems include:

  • Injury
  • Early or late tooth loss as a child
  • Thumb sucking

How do braces benefit my health?

Fixing bite alignment prevents a lot of problems in the future, including:

  • Tooth decay/wear/loss
  • Gum disease
  • Jaw problems
  • Abnormal chewing or speech

How does orthodontia work?

Orthodontia straightens teeth and jaw alignment with the use of pressure. Regular adjustments are made to the braces that move your teeth and teeth sockets closer to a healthy, ideal placement.

What types of braces are there?

Your orthodontist will determine the type of braces that will work best to fix your smile. Some of the main types include:

  • Traditional
  • Ceramic
  • Lingual (similar to traditional braces, but placed on the back of your teeth)
  • Removable/invisible aligners