Orthodontic treatments have the ability to fix many problems in the oral cavity, and your orthodontists, Dr. Lala and Dr. Metcalf, are thrilled to provide these common treatments in Chelmsford, Massachusetts:

• Underbite: If your lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw, you have an underbite. This can cause the lower teeth to protrude in front of the upper teeth. We prefer treating this condition in the early stages of development.
• Spacing: If you have missing teeth, if you have small teeth, or if you have a wide arch, the appearance of your smile is altered. Our team at Blog is happy to help you with our orthodontic services to give you the smile you are looking for.
• Crowded Teeth: When your teeth become crowded, that means there is not enough room in your mouth for all of your teeth. This could cause many problems in the future and can also be susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. We are happy to treat this condition with an expansion of the mouth.
• Cross Bite: When your back upper teeth fit into the inside of the lower teeth, you have a cross bite. If it is left untreated, it can cause misaligned jaw growth and tooth stratification.
• Protruded Teeth: If you have protruded teeth, your upper front teeth stick out too far forward or your lower teeth do not extend far enough. When this happens, you are vulnerable to many dental problems, and it can cause a poor bite.
• Mid Lines Off: One way you can check and see if your teeth are misaligned is checking if the line along the bridge of your nose to the bottom teeth is straight. If it is not, orthodontic treatment is most likely needed.
• Open Bite: If you suck your thumb or thrust your tongue, you could have an open bite. When this happens, you can fit your tongue between your front teeth when your jaws are closed. This can cause cosmetic and bite problems.
• Overbite: If your front teeth almost completely cover your bottom teeth when you close your mouth, you are suffering from an overbite. This can cause your teeth to become worn down and it can cause your lower teeth to bite into the roof of your mouth.

To learn more about the treatments we provide at Blog, call our office today!