Our team at Blog strives to provide great orthodontic care in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, and we also prefer correcting any problems at the early stages of development. In order to do so, we strongly recommend bringing your children into our office by the age of seven.

When you bring your child in to see our orthodontists, Dr. Lala and Dr. Metcalf, they will thoroughly examine your child’s teeth. During this examination, they will determine if your child needs the orthodontic treatment now or sometime in the future. When we perform this examination, we are able to see any signs of potential problems and treat them as soon as possible. This is a great way to avoid major problems in the future.

Some of the treatments we provide include:

• Clearing a crowded mouth
• Reducing the risk of tooth extraction
• Making room for erupting teeth
• Lessening the risk of trauma to the front protruding teeth
• Keeping a space open for future teeth
• Reducing the time spent with braces
• Creating facial symmetry

If you are interested in bringing your child in for an evaluation and to find out of orthodontic treatment is needed, please feel free to give us a call. We are so excited to help your child have the best oral health possible!