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Your new braces serious investment to effectively realign your teeth for a healthier mouth and an appealing smile. Cleaning away residual food particles and plaque through your daily oral hygiene routine is very important for preventing problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Left unchecked these problems would likely increase the amount of time you need to wear braces.

It’s not uncommon for someone to find it challenging to clean some of the hard to reach spots in and around the hardware as well as between the teeth. There are a few special, tools that Dr. James Metcalf & Amit Lala recommends to you better clean and maintain your braces.

A floss threader is a simple loop shaped tool that is loaded with floss. It can help work floss around and past wires and other hardware. Wax coated floss also tends to slip easier into hard to reach places.

Interdental brushes with their small angled brush heads can help brush between wires and brackets as well as removing food particles from the contours where your teeth meet the gums. They are especially handy for getting small food particles out bands and spacers.

Dental water jets produce a small, concentrated stream of water that can help loosen and wash away food particles from hard to reach places. Just keep in mind that they cannot replace the effectiveness of floss for cleaning between teeth and into the gum line.

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